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Skipper courses and yacht cruises in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel.


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Skipper courses

Yacht captain courses in Israel! We will prepare you for four theoretical and one practical exam from the Israeli Ministry of Shipping. We will easily and affordably guide you into the world of seamanship, teach you the basics of maritime affairs, and create all conditions for comfortable and interesting learning.

Hebrew language instruction

You will receive:

License 30, allowing you to independently manage a yacht (up to 24 meters) in the coastal zone and rent a yacht in Israel.

License 60, allowing you to cross maritime borders and travel on a yacht to other countries.

Skipper Courses ISSA

Celebrating a significant event? Want to have a birthday party, corporate event, propose, or just enjoy the sunset at sea? We provide yachts with experienced skippers for hourly rent. Enjoy the sea and sun, and we will provide the perfect conditions for your special day to become unforgettable.


You will receive:

ISSA INSHORE license, allowing you to independently rent a yacht up to 24 meters in most countries worldwide (excluding Israel).

ISSA OFFSHORE license, allowing you to cross maritime borders and travel between countries and continents.


Yacht Cruises

Seven-day yacht cruises with an instructor. We'll take care of everything: yacht rental, route, moorings, beautiful lagoons, and the best restaurants. Yacht cruising is an unforgettable vacation that allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the sea and coastline. During a yacht cruise, you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy fresh air, as well as gain yachting skills and visit many fabulous places that can only be reached by water.

Yacht Excursions

Do you have an important event? Birthday, corporate party, proposal, or just want to watch the sunset at sea? We'll provide you with a yacht with skipper services on an hourly rental basis. You can enjoy the sea and sun, and we'll take care of ideal conditions for your special day to become exceptional.


Our team

Our main resource is our team.

We are united by boundless love for the sea and travel!

We are happy to share our experience, knowledge,

and skills and offer the best route to your dream.




Sara, Tel-Aviv

For the first time, I went on a cruise for more than a few hours. I came with great anxieties about this adventure. I was afraid I would get seasick and not be able to enjoy it, that I wouldn't like the other people. All worries behind! It was an incredible, formative, extraordinary experience that can hardly be described in words. Beautiful views and interesting impressions around are self-evident. Living on a yacht is truly an exhilarating experience. To be a sailor for even a moment. I had to rest for two days from so many impressions. A very worthwhile adventure! I haven't even returned yet, and I'm already dreaming of the next trip.

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